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Digital Audit

Your customers have access to an incredible amount of information about the products they purchase and the businesses they choose. It has never been more important for you to have a comprehensive and rich digital presence. 

Digital Footprint Review

Your customers are conducting a tremendous amount of research online prior to choosing the businesses they will evaluate and consider doing business with. We’ll dig deep into your digital presence to understand how you compare to your competitors in areas like messaging, social, advertising, content, search, etc.

Benchmark vs Competition

As we conduct research and learn about you and your competitors we’ll create a matrix for each of the different areas of focus. This will help you identify strengths, understand weak spots, and identify opportunities to improve.

Near & Longterm Strategy

We’ll compile and analyze all of the information we have gathered and put together near and long term strategies designed to improve your digital presence in the various areas of focus, and help your customers better understand your business.

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