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Product Led Growth

PLG stands for “product led growth”and is the practice of growing a SaaS business through delivering an exceptional product experience that continuously builds a stronger relationship with your customer, and in-turn grows your business.

Understanding Your Customer

Succeeding with a product led growth strategy begins with knowing your customer. In order to deliver an exceptional product experience, we’ll help you identify and profile your target customer to be used as a foundational element to drive product led growth.

Defining Key Engagement Metrics

We’ll help you identify and define your products key areas of engagement, and ensure you have adequate tracking setup to enable your product, marketing, sales and customer success teams to leverage this data to drive adoption, retention, and growth.

Defining Your Growth Funnel

First, we’ll help you define a growth funnel that fits your business, and then we’ll ensure you’re set up to measure your ability to progress prospects through a series of steps that engage, deliver value, build trust, and convert.

PLG Sales Enablement Strategy

Sales is still an essential part of most product led businesses. We’ll help your sales team gain access to the right data, and provide guidance for incorporating product usage data in your existing sales motion. This typically does not require a full reboot of your sales motion, just some guidance in gaining access to and leveraging data.

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