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CRM & MarTech Integrations

Investing in your Sales and Marketing Tech Stack early will pay major dividends later by ensuring you have the data you need to make key business decisions with confidence.

What this engagement might look like:

You’re preparing to bring your SaaS to market and want to ensure you can track, measure, analyze, and effectively leverage your learnings.

I’ll get to know your go-to-market strategy, review your existing infrastructure, and develop a plan that will enable you to collect, connect, and consume the data you need to run your business with confidence.

Sales & Marketing Automation

Automating the right tasks, at the right time can increase the output of your sales and marketing teams. The key is to first establish and prove your process is repeatable.

What this engagement might look like:

A big part of your marketing strategy involves attending trade shows, where you acquire new leads that get handed off to sales … but that’s where the follow-up ends.

I’ll work with you to build automation that leverages content your sales team is already using. You'll keep your product top of mind with your prospects over an extended period of time by consistently adding value.

Content Marketing Strategy

You understand the benefits of content marketing (and maybe even the basics), but need someone to help turn your content into fuel for your business.

What this engagement might look like:

I'll break down your content marketing effort into bite size pieces, define a keyword strategy, establish a process for measurement and reporting, and align your content effort to your customer lifecycle.

Sales and Marketing Process & Execution

You have leads flowing in, and an active sales team, but need help optimizing your funnel and establishing a repeatable process that will scale with your business.

What this engagement might look like:

​We'll start by breaking down the various components of your funnel and then work together to grow them into predictable, repeatable activities that will scale with your business.​


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